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Every business wants to get succeed in the market place, whether it is a big or small one. But small businesses need more attention and time then the big ones as small haves to establish themselves in the marketplace to become a big one. There are a number of things are in front of small business owners to focus on like time management, team management, decision making etc . On that note the major concern is that how small business owners keep themselves focused and productive along with levering all the possibilities in the way to provide a hike to their business.

On that account, it is must to maintain the productivity, so check out the 4 unique productivity tips for small business to provide a boost to your small business. Here are the tips:-

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Systematize your workplace:-

An unsystematic workspace creates lot of confusion between employees related to projects, assignments and deadlines as well. And this can prove to be a wrong thing for your small business as it will leave an unauthorized and unreliable image of your small business in front of targeted audience. And therefore importance of systematic things can’t be denied. A systematic workplace helps all along with employees as boss as well to do things perfectly. It can simply understand with the example: – Suppose in your house you have not managed anything systematically and on their appropriate place then on the time of need you have to give extra time to search that particular thing for which you were looking for. It will unnecessarily waste your time and decrease your productivity because of the annoyance created by the disorganized things in the house.

On that account try to keep your workplace organized to avoid all the above mentioned problems.


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Eradicate Concealed Time-wasters

There are a number of things about which we do not think so seriously but are in actual are the hidden time wasters during the working. Thus, try to figure out those mistakes from your end in order to avoid unnecessary waste of time and reason of your decreased productivity.  This can simply be found by the means of strictly focusing on the activities of our own for a week or two. This will help in real manner to get the answers of your questions related to time miss management at workplace.

Generally on the workplaces the common time wasters are:-

  • The persons who likes to do Gossip and hence also distracts others from the main work so committed employees of small businesses should keep their selves away from such persons. According to research statistics and surveys 36% peoples waste their time in gossiping about certain issues which includes 12% political conversation, 11% who abuse bad days, 3% asking about the questions previously answered.


  • Instant Messaging, social media, emails, meetings and unnecessary usage of mobile phones in present are also one of the prime causes of distraction and disorganization in the workplace. The report of 2013 US surveys shows the percent of time wasting during office hours. So it is a must for employer and employees as well to use the mobile phones wherever required the most.

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Strategize your tasks on the priority list

Strategy is the most important factor to increase the productiveness of any business. Without a perfect strategy nothing can be done effectively so make a strategy of doing work before starting. Strategy in actual provides a right direction to the flow of work which are the in the priority list of a particular day. It will really help to complete the list of priorities and makes you feel completed and contented as because of your enhanced productivity in your work for your small business. Also try to keep priorities list short in order to focus on the majorly important task of the priority list.


Define Time for Meetings and Try to set a time for them

According to surveys meetings in the workplace are also major reason behind the reduced productivity as more than necessary long meetings waste time and resources as well. According to the statistics 35% of your time gets wasted if you are a central manager and it can stretch up to 50% if you on the upper manager post. Thus the best thing to do solve problems related to meetings is that divide the time of a particular important meeting into several parts like particular time duration is for presentation of the issue of meeting and the particular time duration is for solving the problem by discussing over the problem.

Bonus: – In present date a number of tools are also available in the marketplace. Thus along with following the above tips make use of ERP software tools as these tools are efficient in terms of collecting data, getting integrated information, reporting, customer support and service and most importantly are secure.

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