A women’s Guide to Buy the Best Shoes Fashion / Life Style

Buying the right shoes is very important because, firstly it is going to be crucial for your foot health, secondly, it is going to cost you a lot and you must make sure that you have invested wisely. A good shoe fits properly, provides adequate comfort and is supportive. It not just comfort that you are looking for in a shoe. The shoes that you wear define your personality. Hence, you must make sure that your style reflects in the shoes that you wear. Never wear anything because it is in fashion. If the shoes suit your style, only then should you buy it.

For all those women who love buying shoes, here is a guide for your shopping expedition –

    • Before going to buy a shoe, you must know your foot size. To know your foot size, take a paper and place your bare foot on it. Now draw an outline of your foot using a pen on the paper. Measure the length between your thumb tip to the end of your foot. This will be your shoe size.
    • When you are going shoe shopping, it is better to go in the noon because, your feet tend to expand as the day progresses. There is also chances of expansion due to heat. So, make sure that you buy V 1969 products for the expanded size of your feet.
    • For some people, one foot will be larger than the other. So, it is important to measure both the feet and you must buy a shoe of size that fits well for the larger foot.

  • If you are shopping for sneakers, you must wear your socks while you are trying out shoes in the shop. Many times, you do the trail on bare feet and buy the sneakers. But, when you wear them along with your socks, they do not fit properly. So, make sure you walk a bit wearing your socks to know if they fit rightly.
  • While you are in the shop, you must make sure that you walk at least a few yards while wearing your new shoes before you make the purchase. Shoes that seem perfect for your feet while you are sitting may not be as perfect when you begin to walk. This is especially true when you are buying high heels. You must walk in those heels before paying for them. So, make sure that they are as comfortable to walk in.
  • Nothing can be more important than the comfort of your feet. So, be your own judge and make sure that you are buying the comfiest shoes. If you fall prey to fashion and buy something that you cannot wear. The money and efforts will just go waste.
  • When you are buying a shoe for a special occasion, make sure that it will go well with your outfit for that day. If possible, do a trial along with the dress so you will know how good it matches.

When you are doing V 1969 shop online, these are some things that you must keep in mind.

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