Animal Rights Activist Enquire About Animal Rights against Bahubali Team Latest News

The Heritage Animal Task Force, the activists of Animal Rights has claimed for the makers, directors and producers of Bahubali for unlawful usage of elephant in the shooting of their next part of Bahubali series. According to them the team has not taken any permission before the shooting and has not received any pre-shooting certificate from Animal Welfare Board of India under the rule of Performing of Animals Registration 2001. They have also claimed that bahubali team has violated regulations and have used Chirackal Kalidasan, the jumbo elephant & started shooting bahubali movie, the multilingual movie at Thrissur.

Bahubali Part 2 Shot

Animal Rights Groups, The Heritage Animal Task Force of Thrissur has appeal to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take appropriate actions in opposition of Cameraman, Director, Producer and Mahout of the elephant and hence set an benchmark for animal welfare by the means of a letter appealing the same. According to Task Force Secretary V K Venkatachalam said the movie team alleged that they had used the animal for shoot for the intention of graphic depiction of presenting the movement of the animal.  The elephant was forced to stand in the high electric current by the movie crew and the mahout for color effect of maximum level for duration of 4 hours. Apart from that the owner of the jumbo put an ‘ankush’ in order to make the elephant to obey his orders. According to Reports there were no animal rights groups or Animal welfare officer at the place of the shooting to look after the shoot.

So they have requested Prime minister to issue the orders against the whole team.

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