App Store Optimization Technology

Today Application in a smartphone has made our life much ease.However, 2 million apps are present in the major stores but every app are not well known to all because of its it’s important to understand that if you are marketing your app then you must know about app store optimization.
App store optimization is a technique or process of optimizing apps to establish its rank high in the app store search result.Higher ranking of the app in the app store increases the visibility of app.when visibility to the app is increased, it helps to gain traffic to their app pages in the app store. Hence the goal of app store optimization is to drive more and more traffic to the specific app in the app store so that user searching for it perform downloading action.
some few tips for better app store optimization:-
1.Understand your customer and your competition
Understanding the customers here means the language they use for searching your app, what view they decide about your app and also the reason for what purpose they want to use the app.One more challenge with the language or can be said as a keyword is that to recognize what your competitors are targeting the keywords to increase the rank in the app stotre and based on those competitive keywords you can better understand how to arrange or form keywords to drive more traffic to your app.
2. Create a compelling description
the description is all about describing the app. Therefore write your description in simple language and concise manner .you must mention the unique benefit that your app is going to provide so that it compels the user to perform downloading.
As every day more and more app is going to be published .app developers must take care of the competitors and use to track their ranking so that they perform ASO to drive more traffic to their app which leads to the visibility of app in the app store and gets downloaded more and more.

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