Be Comfortable while you Trek Event

Trekking is one adventure which is so attractive that one would love to try it once in their life. Once loved and completed successfully, there is no looking back again. The achievement that one feels by accomplishing a journey is worth completely.

But trekking definitely has some rules and regulations. It is true that one can go for a trek without any professional course but they have to be physically very fit and carry along all the necessary things without which trekking may become difficult. There are some definite things that one needs to keep in mind.

    • First of all the layers is the most essential thing in trekking. Trekking means one is trying to go to a higher altitude and there temperature can drastically fall anytime. So it is very much necessary to carry precautions all the time. There is no problem in carrying an extra layer than suffering in cold later. Days will remain warm but at nights the temperature will be definitely fall. But remember, whatever layers of clothes you carry they should be comfortable in wearing.
    • One must carry sleeping clothes. The entire day you will be walking with heavy clothes on you. If you go to sleep with those heavy clothes at night, it will be very uncomfortable. So night clothes have to be easy and comfortable so that you can sleep well. If you do not sleep well, it will be difficult to take the next day walk as it needs a lot of energy and stamina. Moreover, the clothes which you wore the entire day can be dried in air overnight so that become wearable again.
    • As trekking takes you up the sun rays become stronger and eventually scary. So the most important thing that you need to carry is a sun block cream. This sun block cream has to be very strong and higher in SPF so that it can protect your skin from the ultra violet rays. This will save you from the obvious sun burns and it also saves you from the tanning. You have to keep applying the cream on the exposed skin parts at a regular interval.

  • Try to carry a back pack which is smaller and spacious. This is because; you need to carry your luggage along with you when you are going upwards while trekking. One definitely does not want to carry something very heavy which can exhaust them easily. But yes, the size of your back pack will definitely depend on the number of days for which you are going for trekking. Cover your back pack with a rain cover so that it does not get wet when it rains or if there is a storm.
  • Wear something which helps you walk comfortably. Go for comfortable trekking pants and some t shirts which will help you to move easily. Go for thermals as there will be cold in higher altitudes.

For trekking near Bangalore one can explore various parts of Karnataka and Kerala which


breathtaking places.

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