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Fasting is giving your body some rest by not putting extra pressure with heavy food in your stomach. Digestion is the most important function of our body. But if our body is continuously busy in digesting the food we eat, it may not have enough time to rectify itself. Fasting is giving body rest from doing digestion, so that it could rectify and detoxify itself.

Our body has great mechanism. It works automatically; it purifies every system to function better. Doing proper fasting can help you to have active body and great mental energy. Following are some of most important benefits of having fast:-

1.     Improve liver functionality- Liver is the most important organ of our body and is responsible for most important activities of the body. Liver plays very important role in digestive process. It regulates the entire digestive process from start to end. Proper fasting can help liver to recover very fast. Having lemon juice with hot water while fasting can help to detoxify your liver at a faster rate.

2.     Cure digestive problems- If you have constipation, acidity or other mal-functions of your stomach, with having fast you can easily rectify them. Fasting is very effective in digestive problems.

3.     Fasting in Ayurveda – According to Ayurveda fasting is also very effective while curing chronic condition like – asthma, anxiety, diabetes, obesity and mental illness.

4.     Helpful in meditation – Meditation is very powerful for mental and physical health. Meditation can be easy, if you do fasting as well, because fasting puts your body at ease and allows brain to work great.

Although there are many benefits of fasting, but doing it properly is equally important. Here are some tips that you can follow to get best out of your fasting:

–         Pre define the day on which you want to fast. And don’t eat too much the day before fasting, stead eat something digestible and light.

–         If you want to do effective fasting, do it once in a week; and do it for the entire day – 24 hours!

–         Make sure you have something fresh to drink while fasting. Because you may feel very weak during the day, so drink fresh juice with little or no sugar.

–         Don’t have something called – FALLAHAR( fruit eatable). Most people eat fried food for FALLARHAR during fast. This is bad, if you serious about improving your mental or physical health.

–         Eat something light and in less amount for finishing your fast.

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