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App Store Optimization or commonly known as ASO has become an important aspect of ranking, after Google’s consideration of Apps for ranking and better visibility in Search Engine Results page.

App Market is at boom and therefore it is essential to look after the appropriate App promotion of your app in order to have great business and return on investment (ROI). On that note Today I am going to share some key points for the appropriate app store optimization and hence promotion as well.

Understand Your Audience and Your competitors too

This is very essential point to keep an eye on as people will only use your app when they find it according to their necessities and requirements. If they don’t find it suitable as per their need then they will not use it.             So understanding the customer behavior and requirements is essential. Along with that keep an eye on your competitors too and follow and analyze them and the strategies which they have used. And through which they are leading.

So basic questions you can take into account are:-

  1. Which type of audience you want to target – Globally, regionally or on the basis of language.
  2. The most appealing thing about your app which makes them forces to download your app.
  3. What keywords my competition is using for their app promotion and optimization
  4. What is my competitive benefit

Choose an App Name which Compel Audience

Choose an App name which actually describes you app in real sense. Along with that describe your app with appropriate titles and description. According to the studies, the apps which contain appropriate title and descriptions with the use of targeted keywords get more organic traffic and hence also rank well in App Store Ranking.

So make use of keywords in title and descriptions of your app but do not try to stuff the keywords as stuffing is good for none.

Write Appealing Descriptions

Write Appealing descriptions with the use of keywords along with keeping your audience in mind which serves them best. Your Descriptions should solve their queries and questions and also create a call-to-action impact.

Include Videos and Screen Captures

As it is an undeniable fact that visual things create an unbeatable impact on anyone’s mind. So include videos and screen captures of your app in order to increase the download rate of your apps. By these they can get an idea about your app and hence can make a decision regarding downloading. Although it doesn’t directly help to increase ranking but indirectly it does.

Increase traffic with outside promotion

Here comes the role of different sorts of online and offline promotion techniques which includes SEO, SMM and other digital assets optimization. So boost up your traffic with these outside promotion strategies by the means of any trusted and reliable digital agency.

Hope this article has helped you all. In the next part of the article I will share some more points for app Store optimization.

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