Can an old mattress lead to back pain? Life Style

It depends on the quality of the mattress and the material used. Most of the mattresses lose their shape and ability to support the natural shape of over body over time and hence can lead to back pains.

For example is a mattress is not able to reduce pressure at high pressure areas like hips and shoulders and keep spine straight it will lead to back problem.

Check The Sleep Company Smart GRID Mattress: This is a patent pending technology invented by scientists and sleep experts from DRDO. The Smart GRID structure takes the shape of your body – FIRM on the back while cuddling hips & shoulders as the Smart Grid walls buckle or stay Firm depending on the weight of different parts and shape.



Smart Grid Mattress – Ultimate Sleep Technology for Back Pain

  • Firm on Back while Soft on hips & shoulders: the walls of the Grid buckle down on smaller body parts like hips and shoulders to cuddle them while they withstand the pressure on a bigger body part like back and stay FIRM keeping spine straight. This helps in relieving pain points and providing comfort.
  • Free Air Flow Technology: The Open Grid structure promoted air flow
  • Motion Isolation Technologyensures no partner disturbance even if you partner moves alot

Check us out at The Sleep Company website and give feedback – we would love to improve further and help each one of us achieve better and better quality of Sleep. Happy & Healthy Sleep to you!

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