How to Deal with Social Stress Life Style / Spiritual

We all have a social aspect of our life. We are connected to so many people by birth. People in our relations, neighbors, family, friends and colleagues have some influence in our social lives. Everybody is obsessed for improving their social status. This is really a fast and blind race, and most of the people feel very stressful while going through the circumstances. Living a...

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How to do meditation, if you are just starting out How To / Life Style / Spiritual

Your mind is the most powerful tool you have, thus it is important to use its power wisely. Stress and worries cause our mind to get sick and not able to think well. Sometimes you feel bored, worried, embarrassed, confused, less confident, and stressful. All those status of mind are bad and harm our mind’s working and efficiency to feel good and happy. Here are...

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The Festival of Kites – Makar Sankranti Religion / Spiritual

In all over the world, different festivals are celebrated in different ways by the people. Festivals are also the best way to increase the mutual understanding and love between each other. Every festival in every religion has some religious & spiritual importance. Makarsankranti too have spiritual, religious and cultural importance too. Makarsankranti is celebrated in all over the world in different ways and with different...

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