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Every city in India has some treasure in its store, be it the temples, the beaches, the desert, the mountains or the food. Thanks to the richly diversified culture of India, which has a plethora of religions, castes, customs and traditions? Each place has its own essence, captured within its boundaries since time immemorial. One such gem among the cities is Pune. Let’s explore and...

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Amazing Benefits of Travelling Travels

We all love to explore and to know about new things around and around the world. And Travelling is the best to way to explore one and to break out the shells. But do you know apart from exploring there are a number of benefits one can have because of travelling? If your answer is no to the question then let me tell you about...

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The top 3 things to see and do on your visit to Khajjiar Travels

Set in the the state of Himachal Pradesh and only a few kilometers from some of the most pristine hill stations in Himachal, Khajjiar makes a name for itself in the talk of tourism across the country. It is a place often visited by foreign tourists and domestic travelers. This article talks of the top 3 places to see and do in Khajjiar. Khajjiar is...

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Best Travelling Destination Travels

If traveling is your passion you wouldn’t want to miss some of very popular country in the world. There are some countries in the world that are great for traveling purpose. There are so many beautiful places in the world, but some are really great and outstanding. If you want to move around the globe, here are given some country that you must visit: Japan:...

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DC-Avanti is India’s First Homegrown Sport Car Latest News / Travels

The DC Avanti is the First Indian Sport car manufacture by DC Design, an Indian design firm handed by Dilip Chhabria. The DC Avanti car was launched in Oct 2015.It is an unveiled sport car concept in 2012, Auto expo, In Delhi 2012 and the price of this car is approximately 35 lakh. According to DC Avanti car it is a first mid engine big...

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