Vedas describe democracy History / Indian / Politics

India is the largest democracy in terms of demographics. Ancient India had democratic thoughts and republic ideas even before Vedas.

Democracy was the core idea in ancient India, but modern democratic structure was taken from British and American constitutions.

The democratic idea was found in the Ramayana when, in an instance, a king used to ask common public opinion on his judgment and policy to rule the kingdom. In another instance, king Rama was described taking suggestion from the Praza (known as citizens in modern time) and disagree, if he was not right.

Indian civilization process had democratic thought in its core characteristics.

The democratic system in ancient India was described in Rig Veda. There were slokas that describe democracy in India.

Democracy in Buddhism – In Buddhism text, which is available in Pali, there were democratic thoughts. During 600 BC – 200 AD there was urbanization almost similar to republican system. According to Brahminical literature republican system was found in all over in ancient India. There were ganas and sanghas playing important role in decision making process in a kingdom. These were the groups that would take essential part in running a government. These groups have their own political influences and worked almost like sovereign government body in the kingdom.

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