Effective Change to SERP-Google increases the limit of title and Description Latest News / SEO

Good news for all SEO guys.

If you are search engine optimization marketer then this news for you. Because Google has made effective change to his search engine result page by extending the limit of Meta Title and Meta Description. This was first identified by Ross hudgens on twitter, and later described on by Jennifer Slegg at The SEM Post.

Here what the changes made by Google in SERP.

The first most important change made by Google in title tag. Google has increase the length of Meta Title Before this change the title tag limit is 50 to 60 characters. But the new title length is 70 characters before Google will show the title with ellipses (…).  This is an improve of 10-15 characters, which is really significant.  It can go up to at least 71 characters, depending on the characters used.

Second one most important change made by Google in Meta description. Google has improve the limit of Meta description in SERP Page .according to this change Google increase the limit of meta description is 15 to 20 character per line it means now the meta description display 2 to 3 line in SERP page. The new description length per line is 100 characters. This means that the total description is only displaying 150-160 characters total right now, for a usual 2 line bit. For those with 3 line thoughts, they are currently 278 characters per line.

These new changes will absolutely make it better for SEOs were struggling within the title limitations and could use those extra 10-15 characters for their titles.  But do preserve in mind, Google could roll back the adjustments to the search results width, and these character counts could change for non-English character languages.

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