Google has stopped manual site submission Latest News

Google has stopped the earlier approach of submitting URL to its index. It was announced on the morning of 25th July. It was stated that they had to stop public method of submitting URL, meanwhile they are welcoming us with another approach that is by the use of the usual tool in search console means it will be forwarded to Google Search Console login page.

The company didn’t mention the reason behind this step or why they had to drop the earlier way of submitting URL, as they didn’t mention the reason so it is speculated that there might be issues like spam or abuse.

As every day our world comes up with a new technology, which is introduced to the world by a means of a website. A website is an introduction, overview or you may call it an identity for any kind of technology or any new features.

Now I think you can analyze how important is a site for describing, its like an answer to your all questions all doubts. Since ample of website is present on search engine even for a single topic and everyone wants their website to be first indexed. Hence they use to submit their website URL to search index.

The method we were using till date for site submission has been barred and we are greeted with a new approach of site submission. With changing time, it’s natural to come up with technologies, new features so that we could be familiar with new ways.

Likewise, Google has introduced all of us with a new approach of submission meanwhile encouraging webmasters to use search console ‘s fetch and submit for an individual page.

So now onwards if anybody wants to add a new website in google then there is no option other than using a usual tool in search console and sitemap directly.

Here is a screen shot of the tool working when you are
logged in


The public submit URL form has been taken down. Here is what it looks like now:


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