Google Said that in 2020, online population is doubling to five million this is big opportunity for business Latest News

This is the very big news that the online population will double by the year of 2020 it will increase up to five million and it will make big business opportunities for tech startups on a wonderful level with a unique development environment; this news was announced by the head of Google Europe on Thursday 19 Nov 2015. It means everyone will be connected to internet and will have internet in their pocket. The president of Europe Google Matt Brittin said in Warsaw for the occasion of startup of his company 5th campus for IT starts up.


In Next five years we will go minority to the majority of the individual on the planet being connected. Only this is the main reason for knowing that why the movement is a big opportunity for startup and look up and think that the market of 5 million people that you can connect in next five years.

Due to deal with upcoming changes Google select a renovated vodka distillery in a poorer region of the Polish capital. Google opened its campus in Eastern Europe. It’s first Campus for IT business start up in Eastern Europe. In the first half of 2016, Google planning to open sixth campus in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Google, whichgot its start up in a garage .Provide tech startup at very low price or free of charge space to meet up and employment at the campuses, along with business mentoring.

Britten also said that Google is known as, as a search engine, but now it has also become, an excellent growth engine for entrepreneurs.

Now a day we see a lot of companies who are growing and exporting their business, service, tools, producing and distributing all around the world. We also call then the micro multinational. Each and every start-up can be global from its birth.

On this Occasion Poland New development minister Mateusz Morawiecki, said that after opening of this tech hue, He hoped the tech hub will help them &stop the brain drain of young Poles to Western Europe in search of better opportunities because after joining the European Union in 2004 over 2 million poles have turned west, mostly to wealthier Britain and Germany. I see the biggest change after opening Google campus it is better opportunity for Polish and central European ‘micro-multinationals’… to curb brain drain.

According to US Company Google in 2012 London,The US Company opened its first start up campus, which created 1800 jobs option in Tel Aviv, Seoul and Madrid.

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