Google’s New Test for Google Text Ads – Headlines Are Expanded without Giving up Ad Copy PPC / SEO / Technology

Google always try to provide the best and excellent services to its users. And with the right side ads gone Google is again now testing something new in regards of Google Text Ads. Yes with this testing Google is experimenting with the length of the Text Ads.


With this Google Text Ads can be elongated to add the first line of the description copy of the ad in the case when line end up with punctuation mark. This format has been obtainable to the mainline ads serving by Google, but as when the right side ads (right rails ads) are gone, chances are that Google can make a change in the convention text ad format across the different types of devices.

The major difference between the after and before text ad formats will be such that, in new text ads users can put a headline of the double length , that they were able to do before this change. It is really a good sign for the Advertisers, isn’t it?

URL Format

Along with the headline length changing expert, the displaying URLS of these ads will also have a change in their format. It means that users or advertisers of that ad will be able to mention two paths or directories after their website URL.

 Like this:-

Google Text Ads URL

And as per heard from sources that in Google Adwords there will be one more option after to add the mean heading or headline to add a sub-heading or sub-headline.

Closed beta

Although Google has not make official declaration yet for this experiment but a Google spokesperson told Search Engine Land that “In order to provide the useful information to the users we regularly test different ad formats  & also to help the advertisers in a much better way. Apart from that we don’t have anything to announce at this time.”

Lengthened text ads are being tested in a closed beta, and soon we will come to know about its official declaration & serving to more users.

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