What to eat for long, health and shiny hairs? Food / Health

Are you worried about your hairs heath? Well, there are many problems you encounter when you grow older. So, what is the solution that you could get long, healthy and shiny hairs?

Dietary treatment can help you greatly. Hairs are made of protein, so having healthy food with protein and minerals can greatly help your hair to be strong. Here are some important foods that are beneficial for hair growth and beauty:

Protein – Protein is an important component for body formation. It is also very useful for hairs as well. Lack of protein can cause big hair-problems like-hair loss, distorted hairs and weak hairs. Eat food full of protein like-pulses, milk, protein powers and if you are no-vegetarian you can eat fish, eggs and chicken.

Vitamin C – vitamin c helps hair shafts to stay healthy and strong. Vitamin C is also useful in the process of iron absorption.

Zinc – Zinc is very important mineral for scalp health. Zinc helps to have healthy, shiny and long hairs. There are a lot of food items that contain zinc like, eggs, soaked grains, vegetables are full of zinc

Iron – Iron is important mineral for our body as well as for hairs. Lack of iron can greatly damage your hairs healthy. Iron is a great mineral for blood that supports hair follicles and roots.

Vitamin A – Vitamin A is very helpful for hair scalps by creating sebum which is an oily substance that provides healthy scalp. To get more vitamin A you can eat vegetables, fish, milk, carrots, sweet potato and other yellow fruits like mango, papaya and bananas.

Omega-3 – Fish such as salmon, herring and trout are the great source of omega-3 fatty acid. Our body can’t create fatty acids like Omega 3. Omega 3 is important for scalp health like making it oily and hydrated.

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