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What is Magento?

Magento is one of the biggest names in e-commerce on today’s date. It is an open source platform with plentiful features and gives extreme flexibility over the functionality and content for an online store. Magento’s UI is simple and has all the tools that are required for an online e-commerce store for content management, marketing, and promoting. Magento is highly secure, along with better search and performance capabilities.

Magento helps store owners distinguish key client sections and tailor their advertising to them thus making it user-friendly. It also has the ability to integrate loyalty programs or point systems. Magento is the ideal choice for building a store online, however, it’s essential to ensure you’re hosting it in the right place.

Advantages of using Magento

  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to install
  • Integrating additional layouts and plug-ins is quite easy
  • Has more than 50 payment gateways
  • It is an open source platform with scalable and flexible e-commerce solution

What is VPS?

A VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. A VPS is a combination of dedicated hosting and shared hosting but on a virtual environment. In shared hosting one shares, the resources with other hosting accounts on the same server while in dedicated hosting the entire server and its resources are only utilized for your website. Most of the businesses do not usually acquire a dedicated server as it is quite expensive and may not really use that much amount of power and thus end up using a shared server. Although a shared server is an affordable option, it may not meet the expected amount of performance and security that a dedicated server delivers.

Therefore, to bridge the gap between the two, a VPS server is perfect for a website that needs dedicated resources at an affordable cost. In a VPS you get full control of the server, with desired privacy, resources and customization. So, your website developed in Magento doesn’t have to share any resources with other users.

Moreover, a VPS server provides access to your preferred choice of operating system. At MilesWeb, they provide powerful Linux VPS hosting and Windows VPS hosting platform which are fully managed and serves the fastest performance.

Benefits of hosting your Magento site at MilesWeb VPS server

VPS server offers numerous benefits. They provide full control over applications of your server, you can also customize or restart your server anytime needed. While shared hosting is technically sharing resources with other sites, sudden high traffic on any other website may affect the performance of your website. But with a VPS server, there are no security risks neither any other site has an impact on yours. Because you get dedicate amounts of RAM which no one else can make use of.

Magento provides infinite ways to build your e-commerce. It is a scalable platform that expands as your business grows and gives you the ability to customize your online store. They also provide multiple extensions which can be easily installed to your e-commerce site.

VPS hosting is perfect for Magento sites as it provides complete control of the server (as much as a dedicated server provides) but at a much lesser cost.

Moreover, MilesWeb utilizes DigitalOcean platform for their VPS server which makes it extremely reliable for high-traffic websites like e-commerce. MilesWeb also offers excellent and round the clock customer support. Their technical team is highly skilled and they resolve your issues instantly.

In the end, all that what matters is customer experience. Magento is an ideal choice for developers because of the ease of use and its features. VPS being a powerful server supports Magento platform by helping it run efficiently and rapidly, making visitor’s experience a better one.

Another advantage of MilesWeb VPS hosting is that it allows you to choose your own data center as per your preference. As you must be already aware of the advantage of data center location being closer to your target audience will load faster websites to your visitors. You can choose your server location from: Bangalore, London, New York, Toronto, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Singapore.

For Linux operating systems you can also choose from multiple options available: Fedora, Suse, CentOS, Ubuntu and Debian.

A control panel makes your website management really easy. It helps you manage emails, databases and apps like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal etc. MilesWeb gives you the provision to choose your own control panel from cPanel/ Plesk.


VPS is specially built for websites that are heavy and have high-traffic. Magento is one of the most widely used CMS platform used for building an online store. Online store mostly demands more CPU, more RAM and other resources thus a VPS hosting is the most suitable hosting solution for such websites. Get started with MilesWeb VPS hosting today for your e-commerce sites built in Magento to experience blazing fast and better-performing website.

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