How  5G will contribute to make india digital Technology

India has always been transforming digitally, enforced by data services which provide a speed of high quality. Though India failed in adopting technology in past, still India is one of the largest and fastest leading telecom industry and also upgraded its stance remarkably with the huge success of 4g services.

By 2020, the government is dedicated to launch 5g services globally. Alike (2G, 3G,4G),5G will make a drastic change in terms of technology and bring the country to the next higher level. It will lend solution to many devices like data, voice M2M, IoT etc. It holds the capacity to manage billions of devices and bring digital transformation in the field of healthcare, entertainment, agriculture, education, and employment. In fact, 5G would add a boost for emerging India as a digital one by providing new opportunities

Creating a smart society:5G will generate an endless experience by combining wireless, wifi along with satellite network, which will provide next level occurrence to users.It has the capacity to fill the gap between rural and urban area by eradicating the obstacles occurred due to the absence of physical infrastructure.

Processing technologies like the 5G smartphone will comprise the technologies like AL, virtual reality, 3D painting, robotics etc. customers experience in gaming, retail shopping and customers -0interaction application will get revolutionized by upcoming next-generation digital transformation.Apart from these field other sectors like education, healthcare, agriculture, and space research will also get the benefit of 5G

Internet of Things: For it, 5G is assessed as the backbone due to its high-speed data flow, It also reduced discontinuation and upgraded coverage.Some application like autonomous cars, intelligent transport, gaming etc needs endless network along with low latency will get benefited with upcoming technology that is 5G.

Hence, 5G development is underway for the deployment, the government is trying to set terms and policies will bring the process into deployment and then to the continuation.Instead, of following global policies, India should focus on its own way to make terms and condition to bring this new 5G technology.

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