How cybersecurity protect internet-connected system Technology

Cybersecurity is about providing protection to the system comprising hardware, software, and data, which is connected by the internet, from cyber attack
In the field of computers, security defines in two ways, one is cybersecurity and other is physical security. several enterprises use this both security to protect from unauthorized access to their system and data as well .cybersecurity is like information security which is used to maintain the confidentiality of data.
Today, military, government, corporate, financial and medical organization assemble, process and accumulate an innumerable quantity of data on computers and several other devices. A significant part of that data can be sensitive and confidential information and if that data gets accessed by unauthorized users then it may have destructive consequences.
Often there is some time when organization shares or exchange a few confidential data through the network for processing their business. and thus cybersecurity illustrates the instruction to be followed in order to protect the information which is to be processed or stored. As cyber attacks expand, companies, organization, military and all those who store confidential data related to national security need to alert enough and follow necessary steps to protect their data. According to report in March 2013 top intelligence warned that cyber attack and spy are treating mostly to national security excelling even terrorist.
Cybersecurity can prevent cyber attacks, data leaking, and identity copying and can support in risk management.To prevent and reduce these attacks, an organization should have strong network security and responsive plan.
Careers in cybersecurity
As the cyber attacks are growing continuously, the opportunity for a job of cybersecurity is increasing widely.It professional and other specialist are required in this security job.
cisco: security program is implemented across the organization and protect it security department by it professionals.
security engineer: This engineers target quality control and protect company asset within it department
security architect: To protect from cyber attacks, the individual need to the first plan, and then analyze, design , maintain and support the confidential data or information of the organization
security analyst: The analyst has many responsibilities like planning security, controlling and saving files and regulate internal and external security audits.

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