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Google Search Console is a service that is provided to you to check your site’s presence in Google search results. This service is completely free that Google yields to help domain holder enhance their sites for search engine rankings along with detecting the issue and unknown mistakes that may be occurring on the site.

How to use Google Webmaster Tools:-

First of all, you open your browser and type Google webmaster tool on search as it reflects click on it and follows these 3 steps

  1. Sign into Google Webmaster Tools, (or create an account if you do not have one already.)
  2. Click “Add Site” and enter your domain or 3dcartstores address in the box
  3. Click Continue.

After these 3 steps, you will be taken to “verify your site page” where you will have to select Verification methods.

Google provides you with 4 methods to verify your site.

1.HTML File Upload.

2.HTML Tag.

3.Google Analytics.

4.Google Tag Manager.

  1. If you are selecting “HTML File Upload” as your verification method.

As you select a radio button for HTML file upload it will reflect you with 4 steps which you need to follow

* Download this HTML verification file.for ex( [googlef108517525b17744.html]).

* Upload the file to for i.e (

* Confirm successful upload by visiting in your browser.

* Click Verify below.

In order to remain verified, after verification succeeds don’t remove HTML file.

  1. If you made your choice as HTML Tag: – Then you have to add the Meta tag to the head section of the website and then click verify
  2. If your choice is based on Google Analytics:-Then you will have you to use asynchronous tracking code and write this tracking code in head section of the webpage.
  3. If you have selected your option as Google Tag Manager:-Then you will have to use Google Tag Manager Container ID to verify your website.

All these 4 steps will help you to meet the requirement of verification of your website.


Google webmaster tools is an excellent tool having abundant advantageous information regarding your website. It can provide you influencing insights into how your site operates, including will help to grab Google’s attention. As this tool is free so it is worth full to use this tool which improves your Google traffic to your website.

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