How MUN training can help students excel at Model United Nations (MUNs) Education

What is MUN

Model United Nation (or MUN), as the name suggests are simulations (or models) of actual United Nations conferences. As in a real UN, delegates (representing different countries) draft, lobby for and ultimately pass a resolution on an issue of diplomatic importance. The resolution topics represent real-world international relations issues. The process involves researching, writing, debating, public-speaking as well as teamwork and leadership.

Model United Nations have become an important extra-curricular activity in schools and colleges today, since it promotes the development of holistic skills like public speaking, team coordination, communication, structuring and writing resolutions, etc.

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How to prepare for MUN

To prepare for MUN first and foremost you must know the agenda of MUN and make sure all your concepts regarding this are clear.

Research about the country you are representing. You must know the problems the country has faced in the past, as well as have an in-depth knowledge of current events. You must know the issues and their solutions, the stand of other countries related to the issue, and the stand of your country about the common issues related to international relations.

Your knowledge regarding the country’s foreign policy will decide your stand in committee. Understand every agenda and prepare speeches on them.

If you want to be successful at an MUN conference, you must also know the rules of the conference. The best way to practice for the conference is to practice simulations or have a couple of mock MUNs. This will help you to learn how actual conferences operate and how to use the rules correctly. You will be able to learn necessary skills such as speech-making, public speaking, forming groups, working in a team and diplomacy. These skills are the most valuable part of your preparation.

MUN Training Sessions

MUN training in India aims students to get acquainted with the fundamentals of MUN. It will teach you the step-by-step process and prepare for model UN conferences. It will help you to learn MUN strategies in a fun, easy and effective manner.

MUN Training session will cover each detail like research, presentation, documentation and mock simulation in details. MUN Conference is a team activity, so the training sessions will involve understanding, responding and acting in a group setting.

MUN Training programs typically help you develop and polish your skills in the following areas:

  • MUN fundamentals
  • Research
  • Resolution Drafting
  • Debate and Delegation
  • Speech Writing and Public Speaking
  • Self-Presentation
  • Debate Conduct
  • Chairing
  • Writing and editing clauses, resolutions and amendments

In MUN Training sessions, experts will also recommend you on dressing, grooming and personality building to ensure you make right impression while representing your country.

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