How to Deal with Social Stress Life Style / Spiritual

We all have a social aspect of our life. We are connected to so many people by birth. People in our relations, neighbors, family, friends and colleagues have some influence in our social lives. Everybody is obsessed for improving their social status. This is really a fast and blind race, and most of the people feel very stressful while going through the circumstances. Living a social life means: Compromise your personal thoughts and feelings, listen to everyone, listen people’s make negative comments and so on.  These all create never ending social stress which seems impossible to resolve by arguing or fighting.

In a relationship there are lots of ups and down, and for a married couples, it is preferred to have regular marriage counselling sessions with some good marriage counsellor to have good and long relationship.

Here are some easy and simple tips to resolve social headaches in an effective way-

Being anti-social in not a solution – If social connections cause stress and confliction, you may think – why don’t stay out of social connections. But the truth is – we need all those connections in order to seek help when we need it. Regardless of our difference in opinions, we need social connections. And sometimes, they are essential to survive.

Listen more and effectively – Listening is the best way to avoid conflicts. Listening will give you better views about certain situations and people. Arguing upon false opinions can lead you to serious troubles.

Have a balanced approach – A social life is full of criticism. People comment, criticize and sometimes become very aggressive. In those circumstances, you need to be patient, and not let people control your mood your energy and happiness.

Be happy and grateful – You can collect so many outer things, but they can’t give you true happiness. It’s the most inner and inherent nature of your own being, you just need to discover it. Do positive and happy self-talk and have gratitude in your heart.

Build a better self-respect – Don’t let other people to rate you or be something that you are not. Maintaining a better self-respect means having values to live upon and care about them the most.


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