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Your mind is the most powerful tool you have, thus it is important to use its power wisely. Stress and worries cause our mind to get sick and not able to think well. Sometimes you feel bored, worried, embarrassed, confused, less confident, and stressful. All those status of mind are bad and harm our mind’s working and efficiency to feel good and happy. Here are some very important and practical tips which will help you to do meditation in an effective manner:

1.     Connecting to yourself: Meditation is the connection between you and the nature. More you get connected within yourself more you will be able to get success in doing meditation. If you are too busy in doing other thing, it is very crucial for you get some free time for yourself. In your spare time, do some yoga or physical exercise and read some books on meditation. Try to find out things that make you feel grateful and relaxed within yourself. You can worship god to get a sense of spirituality and inner prosperity.

2.     Don’t force to concentrate: Meditation is an enlightened status of mind. It appears when you get rid of false thoughts and beliefs. But if you force too much you might not be able to get the expected results. It will discourage you. Just follow simple steps regularly and you will see unexpected and surprising results.

3.     Start with very simple and one practice for one time: Don’t try to do everything as a start, instead you need to with very simple but regularly. The simple practice I am going to share with you here – WATCH. WATCH stands for- Watch your Action, Thoughts, Character and Habits. So first you need to start watching your actions. Take some time during the day and start watching your actions. Watch carefully what you are doing. Watch how you pose your body; watch your handing busy in doing regular and watch how your turn around. Watch everything that your body does. That is how to get into an enlightened mind situation, where you can easily get rid of false thought and live more mindful life. Do WATCH practice every day and you can see great results.

4.     Live a meaningful life– You might not able to acquire great results, if you don’t choose to leave a meaningful life. You must need to discover a something that you believe is great and you need to do that more and more. That is the way to connect with yours soul and spirit. It gives you ultimate confidence and inner peace.

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