How To Get More Youtube Subscribers – Part 2 SMM

In the previous part we have learned about some tricks on how to get genuine and loyal YouTube followers, now in this post we will learn about some more ways of getting the same.


Start a Playlist:-

After increasing the frequency of uploads of your videos, make a playlist of your videos it will enable subscribers and viewers (who can turn into subscribers) to see all of your creative work at one place without any hassle. It will keep them away from the hassle of searching. By doing so you are actually encouraging them to check out more videos of yours and hence an increase in views of your videos.

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Call to action:-

Create a call to action at the end of your video by asking them for liking he videos, subscribing the channel or commenting on the videos. It actaully helps to get more genuine  youtube subscribers. You can ask them by simply asking like this:-

Like the video and become a subscriber to know what we do

To see additional videos from our channel subscribe us

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Keep an eye on your competitors:-

It is the most important point to look after , as it will help you to not do the mistakes done by them. And in some cases will also help you to do more creative than your competitors are doing. Keep an eye on the factors like their posting materials, Time of posting and their posting frequency.

how to get youtube subscribers

Hint them about the upcoming videos:-

Hint your viewers and subscribers about your upcoming videos, it will create a sense of curosity among them which results in more and more watching of your channel and videos. You can also make them aware about your upcoming videos by the means of sending Emails about your upcoming videos.

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Reply to your viewers, Fans:-

Always try to respond to your viewers, subscribers and fans who do like your videos, comment on your videos, it will encourage them and will also create a good impression of your channel. Thank them for doing mentioned activities on your videos. It will also develop strong relationship between you and your youtube subscribers, viewers, and fans.


Hope this article will help you to get youtube subscribers.Pour your comments in the section below about the post.


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