How to Implement SEO to A Website 2017 SEO

SEO has changed a lot in past few years. Google is making instant and effective changes to provide accurate and useful results for its users. You need to follow required rules and regulation to keep your website on the top position of Google. Here are some tips to implement SEO to website in 2017.

Try to make your content more useful for user

Google is now capable of throwing out websites which have low-quality and irrelevant content. Even users have become more aware of how they can get desired results from the search engines. So creating user-focused content will be very beneficial to rank your website on the top position of Google.

Use schema markup effectively

We often saw that if you search a query or specific question then Google directory provide answers in the results. The search engines use schema markup which you add to your website to provide more useful information to users.

Optimize and Make it more Mobile Friendly

People spending maximum possible time on their mobile devices, and the amount of traffic is shifted from desktop to smartphones. If you want to do SEO for a mobile website then you should work to improve website loading speed. Google also using mobile first indexing and giving priority to mobile-friendly websites. First of all, you need to make your website responsive.  Add structured markup for the mobile version of the website if you already did for the desktop website. This is the most important thing to keep in a mind to implement SEO  to website.

  • Improve page speed.
  • Use HTML 5 instead of flash.
  • Optimize titles and descriptions effectively so it can provide useful and quality information in fewer words.
  • Optimize your website for local search.
  • Website optimization is not limited to reducing the size of images of your website and you can also improve website speed by minifying CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

If you are running a business online or having a website for your organization then you can hire a professional SEO Company. You need to make sure that it provides White hat or ethical SEO services to improve your website’s performance in a natural way.

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