How to let your Smartphone’s battery survive for a longer period of time Mobile Phones

The biggest challenge before Smartphone making company is to make a battery with a reliable power back up. Your Smartphone is dead with a burn out battery. We use our Smartphone relentlessly. So, low battery is a common problem we encounter more often.

Regardless of which company’s battery you use, or which Smartphone you use, it is very helpful to use your battery wisely so that it could serve when we need it the most.

Here are some simple but very effective tips on increasing the battery life of your Smartphone:

1.    Screen brightness – The screen of your Smartphone consumes more battery than any other component. The wise thing is to adjust the brightness as per your need. Auto brightness mood is very helpful in reducing batter consumption.

2.    Turn off applications running in the background – Sometimes you open an application, and then move on to another, but while doing so you forget about turning off the previous application. It runs in the background, and sucks out the battery. Turn off all the applications running in the background, and you will see incredible improvement in battery performance.

3.    Block ads while using the internet – When you use the internet, you see a lot of ads running around. These ads kill the battery, so make sure you block all those ads while using the internet on your Smartphone. You can install an ad blocker on your Smartphone to cut off all those battery sucker ads.

4.    Change your email setting – If you have several email accounts you may receive so many emails during the day. These emails lower the power of your battery, because every time you receive an email, your phone needs listen to it. It drains out your battery power. To resolve this problem, you can configure your emails setting as it will only receive these signals when you want.

5.    Only use standard chargers – Chargers that come with the Smarthphone’s are the best, while you can also use third party vender’s charger. But always use charger from reputable brands.

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