How to Outsource Quality Content from Skilled Writers SEO

Quality content is the key to all successful digital campaigns. Most of the business houses use the web to sell their products or ideas. In these days of the internet, the buyers decide on the product by browsing through various sites. So quality contents and content writers in India are very important as far as digital marketing is concerned.

Most of the clients do not employ permanent copywriters. It is easy and profitable to outsource the content. An experienced content writer knows all the requirements of the content such as the number of words, usage of key words, usage of hyperlinks and images. There are many ways for outsourcing the content. It can be to freelancers, meritorious students or industrial experts. The easiest way is to engage freelancers. There are many agencies to connect the outsourcing clients and qualified freelance writers. The Contentmart is one of the best content marketplace sites where the clients can outsource content safely and easily.


The Contentmart portal was launched in 2015 and is a platform connecting the clients and the blog copywriters. The Contentmart website is designed exclusively for the content writers in India and clients. If a client wants to outsource the content through the Contentmart, the first step is to get registered with them. The registration process is simple and can be done using face book account or email. The Contentmart portal has already about 20,000 registered clients and as many registered freelance content writers.

The Contentmart portal has about 11,000 qualified writers registered with them. They include starters, intermediates and advanced writers. They are selected after proper evaluation tests by the company. If selected, a ‘verified’ status will appear in the profile of the writer. The contents prepared by the writers go through an in-built plagiarism test before being sent to the clients.

The method of outsourcing is also unique at Contentmart. The clients can access the profile of the writers and can get an idea about their talents.  When the clients offer the topic, all the registered writers can view the same. If a writer is interested in the subject, he can quote his price for the offer. From various quotes, the client can select the best-suited writer. After agreeing on the price and the time limit, the writer can start the job. The completed content can be revised by mutual consultation between the client and the writer through chats using an in-built system.

The payment system is also unique at Contentmart. The clients pay the writers directly through an account maintained at Contentmart. There is a provision for the refund for the amount paid for inappropriate contents. The Contentmart portal will charge no commission for the services rendered.

If some outsourcing of the content is required in the best way, Contentmart is readily available with its qualified experts.

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