Learn About Different Saree Draping Styles That Help You to Hide Your Physical Flaws Fashion / Life Style

The most important part of wearing a saree is the art of draping. The way you drape it determines the look of your saree. Many of you do not know, but draping style can make a woman look fat, slim, tall or short. It is the method which when done correctly can gracefully conceal all your physical imperfections and make it look best for any occasion.

In this article, you will learn about the different ways to drape a saree.

Draping style to make you look tall


If you are short in length, then choose a draping style that makes you look tall. A single colour saree from top to bottom will give you a taller look. When tied properly without any display of the midriff region will make you look taller. It is advisable to wear saree little high such that the midriff region is covered up completely.

If midriff region is visible, then it will divide your body into two segments and would give a shorter look to your image. Also, don’t choose a saree with heavy pallu as it will look unique than the rest of the saree. Instead, you can opt for running pallu saree which is of the same design of the saree. Online designer blouses in India is available in plain, printed, embroidered or with different artworks to be appropriate for simple to grand occasions.   

Draping style to make you look short


To make you appear short, you can drape your saree in a way that shows off your midriff region a bit. This would break the total height impact of your saree at the waist region. Wearing saree in the style of Gujarati style, double saree style, properly pinned style, Rajrani style, Bengali style etc. are some of the styles you can try. It is advisable not to keep the palla loose. Pin it up neatly so that it breaks the entire height of the saree.

Draping style to make you look slim


This is the feature that most of the woman craves for. To look slim requires you drape a saree in a way that makes you completely covered. This would prevent people from seeing your loose tummy. So it is advisable not to tie your saree very low or below your navel region. Pin it up properly. Fat ladies should avoid trying Bengali style and can try Indo-western style for a slimming effect.

Draping style to make you look fat or curvy


To make you look curvy or a bit fat you can wear a belly chain surrounding your waist region. Butterfly pallu or elegantly wrapped pallu style to display your neck region and tying the ends of the pallu at your sides. This will give you the desired impact. Also, wear a saree that has heavy bottom work and fabric that clings to your skin so that it creates an illusion of a curvy body.

When it comes to a women wardrobe, the first thing that comes to the mind is a saree. These are some of the best ways to drape a saree. Irrespective of your body shape and size, using these tips would make you look best at every event.

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