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If you are an upcoming business aiming for a leap or an established enterprise looking forward to manage your inventory better, choosing a right inventory management software that is in harmony with the inventory management strategies you’ve chosen is of key importance.

If your are into multiple sales channels a multi channel inventory management software is all it takes to streamline your inventory.

Contalog is a SaaS inventory management system that can handle all inventory duties across multiple sales channels. Here’s how Contalog can be used to maintain a flawless and transparent inventory.

Stock adjustment / Adjust stocks


In scenarios like free samples, promotional discounts, returns due to damages, you need to adjust your stock level accordingly to be up-to-date. Stock adjustment of Contalog can help in making the needed corrections in stock numbers as and when required.

Stock status updates

Know how many are really up to be sold by distinguishing them with the stocks that have been ordered. Stocks that have been committed for an order or those which are ready to be shipped possess ‘Stock Committed’ status and the rest accounts for ‘Stock Available’.

Channel specific stock

If your sales graph is not even in all the sales channels, it is better to manage exclusive set of stocks for each selling channel based on the demand. Channel specific stock lets you do that. Stocks allotted for specific channel can only be shipped and packed only for orders placed through it.

Centralized tracking

Contalog’s inventory management software is seamless. Inventory of your ecommerce store, mobile app, marketplace (Amazon, eBay etc) or any other sales channel can be integrated into Contalog’s multi channel inventory management system, so that stock statuses across all channels can be monitored and managed in a single dashboard.

Bin Location

Location of each stock can be determined with bin location. With Contalog, you can know the exact location of every single product right from the geographical location, address of the warehouse, store shelf and rack number.

Stock transfers


Being stockless is a sin. If you have multiple warehouses, for managing each region-specific demands a sudden outburst of purchases can make a warehouse suffer without stocks. With Contalog warehouse management system you can handle such scenarios like a saint. Stocks can be transferred between warehouses to avoid a warehouse becoming stockless at a given time. Inventory gets updated accordingly as when the transfers are done.

Activity monitoring

With some many options in hand and so handling your stocks placed in your warehouses, keeping track of who has done what, is certainly an additional burden. Contalog helps you out in tracking the the happenings in your inventory management network via a activity log. It registers every action of a user in your network be it stock transfer or stock adjustment.


Price your products based on different customer groups. Classify customers into different groups based on their purchase quantity and frequency and allot special prices to them.


Your inventory doesn’t end with just handling stocks rather begins with it. Generating crucial records like bills, invoices along with your shipment is mandatory to document the transactions happening. When it comes to keeping a record of maintaining multiple billing and shipping addresses, Contalog can help you in maintaining those easily.

Resource management

Even if you are having Contalog by your side, not everything is automated. You still need people to be at various responsible positions to do the management duties. Contalog helps your smartly handle the tasks with the resources only that are required. Like the way you manage your inventory via Contalog software, you need a system in place to manage your resources. Create user profiles and delegate tasks to users at various levels. You also have the liberty to assign access permission and define roles.


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