Most Common Front End Web Development Mistakes to Avoid Web Development

A front developer is a person who works on languages and framework to create the user-facing functionality. His responsibility is to create a user-friendly interface for visitors. Any mistake on development ruins the performance of the website. Here we are sharing some most common front end web development mistakes to avoid during development.

  • Using Old HTML Elements: Most of the web developers old HTML Elements while HTML 5 is available. HTML 5 is the most advanced version which provides more option so you can create more advanced features for a website. For example, your Use <canvas> tag to draw shapes. Always use HTML 5 Elements because it helps to develop more secure and advanced website.

  • Forgetting to Add Responsive Features: In the era of smartphones, it is necessary to prepare a website for handheld devices. A web developer should also code to make a responsive website.
  • Using Table Elements: It is the second most common web development mistake that a developer do. It was being used a few years back. You should use <div> containers instead of a table. It is easier to place elements on a web page. Most browsers don’t support table perfectly.
  • Using Out-of-date JavaScript Libraries: Using outdated JavaScript libraries is the cause of functionality mistakes in a website. You should use modern JavaScript libraries like Angular JS, React, Ember, Backbone etc.

  • Not Testing Website for Speed: A web developer should optimize a website for speed in such way so it can load fast on all type of devices and browser with a low internet speed. You can reduce the size images, minify the codes to optimize site speed. For better results, you can use page speed test of Google.
  • Not Testing Website on All Major Browsers: A Web developer should always test website on a various major browser to build a perfect website that performs fast on all browser.

You should use theses tips to become an expert web developer.

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