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English is the most use able language now a days and it’s so useful for everyone .If you have lots of knowledge but your English is not good then it’s so negative point for your carrier or business. So now you need to learn English and improve your ability .if you want to search best android apps for learning English online then here is the lists of best android apps for learning English.

  1. Grammar UP

Grammar is the soul of any language and, therefore, the Grammar Up app is one of the finest recommended apps for English learners. This app is specifically created for people who want to boost up their grammar, vocabulary and word variety. It comprises of more than 1800 multiple-choice questions grouped fewer than twenty different grammar categories.

  1. Intro to Letter

This app mainly designed for fresher English learners who have not any idea about English. This effortless app takes you during every letter in the English alphabet. This app work on the bases of user interface means students can touch a letter they want to learn about and the app will tell you what the letter means. You can do easily practices with flashcard and puzzles with using a letter.

  1. English Launch Pad

The English launch Pad App is particular designed for English learners and teachers. This app   provide full package that is full of useful information to support improve your English learning experience. The most useful features of English launch pad is  grammar structures ,practice exercises, lesson plans, whiteboard, quiz generator, student tracking, student roaster, translator and flash cards and many more.

  1. Speakingpal

SpeakingPal English app is an interactive app that allow uses a mobile phone’s speech identification ability. This is one of the most effective apps for English educators and learners. This awesome app combines videos with automatic speech software that check your English speaking skills. You can do easily practices to speak with a video character and find immediate response on how well you said and pronounced all your English word.

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