New trends in paid Advertising Ecommerce / PPC / SEO

Paid advertising has always been a good choice to market your product or service. In recent years, Google SERP’s are dominated by too many paid ad listings. The most popular trend in paid advertising is local ad listing and local optimization. Local language also plays important role to bring right SERP’s. Here are some most common trends that are going to increasing in upcoming years:

1.  Shopping and E-commerce ads – As online shopping is increasing rapidly, ecommerce businesses tend to place more and more ads on SERP’s. PPC is the service Google offers to businesses that sell various products online. These ads are very powerful and effective, as the directly serve for the user’s query and give the exactly what he/she looking for.

2.  Voice search – Voice search is a new way of search for product, service or solutions on the Internet. Service like – Cortana, Google Now, Siri has changed the way we surf the internet. Google trying to understand the searcher behavior on the internet and try to give the most appropriate ad presentation.

3. Increasing app advertising – App advertising is increasing, as more and more apps are being used very frequently. Some apps even don’t need to be installed on your device. Currently, this kind of advertising isn’t that popular, but it surely has great potential in upcoming years.

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