North Korea is preparing for Missile test Event / World

Information coming from us satellite that indicates that north Korea is preparing for missile launch. Japan has changed it fight roots by looking at this. According to the information, North Korea may perform this earth observation satellite launch between 8th to 25th February in 2016. Many countries suspect that North Korea is planning enhance the range behind its satellite launch.

Pyongyang has given such kind of information to maritime organizational on Tuesday. North Korea says that it only doing satellite launch, but other country doubts its intention.

Japan has changed the roots for some airlines – All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines. Japan suspects that the debris of satellite may affect air fights.

According to International Maritime Organizational, in the first phase of launch the debris will drop down in the ocean region of South Korea and China, and later in the second phase the debris will be thrown in north coast of Philippines.

The prime minister of Japan Shinzo Abe appealed North Korea to stop this launch. Other international community also oppose North Koreas action, but North Korea still insist upon it act and continuously doing further improvement in satellite technique and other arsenal advancement.

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