Purchasing a Premium Domain Technology

So after countless hours of scrutinizing the suggestions of friends, creating mind-maps and even asking for the pizza man’s advice, you’ve finally come up with the best business name.

The business name registrar confirms that it’s available.

You’ve ordered your business cards.

But what about registering a domain name?

You rush over to your computer and perform a quick search.



But there is hope!

You notice an option to purchase this domain directly from the owner.

Your optimistic smile, however, slowly dissipates when you notice the astounding selling price.

At this point, many give up and discontinue the pursuit of their desired domain name.

But you should not let the obstacle of pricing or ownership prevent you from landing the domain of your dreams – there are options available for you.

We have compiled a comprehensive guide to help you purchase the premium domain name you deeply long for.

What Is A Premium Domain?

Premium domains usually consist of words (or a single word) that form a short memorable message.

They can end in a variety of extensions, although “.com” is the most common.

Here are some examples:





Due to their simplistic and memorable nature, these domain names drive a lot of traffic to their corresponding web pages, which makes them more valuable and therefore ‘premium’.

Domains with a high branding potential are also sometimes classified as premium  – such as vitaminstores.com

How Can You Tell If a Domain Is Premium?

If the snappy name isn’t a giveaway, the price will be.

The value of these premium domain names could range from a few hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Hot Tip:

If your ideal domain name is a premium, and you do not have the funds to purchase it, consider registering it with a different extension. Simply changing the extension could save you thousands of dollars AND still land you the domain name – win, win!

Where Do You Search to Check If a Domain Is Premium?

There are online marketplaces that provide the option of searching available domain names.

The steeper pricing of the premium domains will make them readily identifiable in the search results.

Godaddy.com and hover.com host such search engines.

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