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There are thousands of make money websites online. However only handful of them are genuine and the rest are just fraud.

In this article we are writing a review for a website named

Here is my honest and balanced review for MoneyConnexion

Yes it is Authentic!

I have firsthand experience with The site is absolutely genuine and not a scam.

Why am I saying so?

I myself went to their office and talked to the owner of the website. We chatted for around an hour discussing various ways to make money online.

The founder of the blog Pritam Nagrale was very honest and open during the whole conversation.

In fact he opened his Google AdSense account on the laptop and showed his earnings. At that time he was making more than $100 a day with just AdSense program.

You can watch his AdSense video here.

The blog has grown exponentially since I visited their office in Mumbai.

MoneyConnexion Offers Free Online Jobs Training

Second proof to substantiate my above statement is it doesn’t ask any money for registration or training.

Most of the sites ask money for buying their course materials or tutorials. However doesn’t ask any money for their tutorials.

You can access their Free Online Jobs Training PDF book on their site. You just have to give your name and email address to download their free ebook.

The ebook covers all the important things that you need to know about online jobs.

Rule of thumb is if an online site is asking money for registration or tutorials then they are fake. Don’t pay them anything.

You can visit and get all the information for free.


Information Given there is Almost Correct

If something is missing in their free ebook then you can find that piece of information on their website.

You can read hundreds of articles on They publish article on various topics like blogging, affiliate marketing, Google Adsense, MLM etc.

You can read those articles and get more information. The quality of the content is OK barring few mistakes.

Moreover the site is always up to date with fresh content. I enjoy reading their articles.

What I Don’t Like About MoneyConnexion

Until now we were discussing good things about MoneyConnexion . However an honest review means looking at the other side of the picture.

What I didn’t like about the MoneyConnexion is that they don’t offer any phone support.

If you have any doubt regarding their free tutorial then you can’t reach out to their free customer support through email.

You can email them but no one contacts you back with an appropriate answer.

As a matter of fact MoneyConnexion has no customer support and that makes really difficult for its readers to reach out.

The reason behind this may be the affordability because they provide all their services for free.

This is the only issue that I have with Rest of the things is quite OK about them.

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