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Now a day’s social media is a extremely visible medium and the attractive images are most important part of your social media preference .Social media cover images are great for conveying brand values, importance a current campaign, or offering what your company has to offer. To optimize your social profile ,you have make sure that the pictures you are using to signify your brand are the highest quality and the ideal fit for the various social networks. These days image should not only attract visitors but must be interesting enough to convince the audience to share and distribute it across social networks platform.

In this article, you will get the quick tips about social media image sizes or dimensions for the top social media sites.


The Facebook cover photo should be all about your business enterprise, so why not use one of your product or service photos that symbolize your company? The significant Facebook conversations start with great content and that includes an icon that you split. Use your Facebook cover photo and newsfeed pictures to link fans to your brand. Whether it’s a picture of your latest blog post or one that promotes your business, make sure it symbolize your business.

Image guideline:

Cover image dimension: 851 x 315 pixels

Profile image dimension: 180x 180 pixels

Shared photo dimension: 1200 x 900 Pixels

For best result publish JPG file less than 100 KB

Image with a company logo or text may be finest as a PNG file

  1. GOOGLE +

Google+ is a wonderful site to provide your company not simply because of the social part but also because your Google+ account is linked to search engine itself. When a person searches your brand name, Google pulls in your Google+ profile details, including your profile image and recent posts. Google+ cover picture is the most important photo on your page, so choose your photo smartly. It’s the best chance for you to highlight your product or service your company offers or maybe choose an image that shows the idea your company.

Image guideline:

Cover image dimension: 1080 x 608 pixels

Profile image dimension: 250 x 250 Pixels

Shared image dimension: 497 x 373 Pixels

Select image with JPG, GIF or PNG file


Pinterest is an amazing platform for generating referral traffic to your web page. It’s a very essential for you to make sure you’re improving your Pinterest page consistently and using suitable image sizes for your boards and pins.

A Pinterest user profile image may not be as important as that of Facebook or Twitter profile images. Even so, you continue to need to use a awesome one. Like other social websites, your profile picture on Pinterest should be something closely linked to you or your brand. After all, anybody who comes at your board or pins via the keyword search will most likely have a look at your profile too.

Image guideline:

Cover image dimension 217 x 146 pixels

Pinterest Profile dimension: 165 x 165 Pixels

Pin dimension 236 pixels

Board picture size 735 x 498 pixels

Supports JPG and PNG for account photos

  1. TWITTER:-

Twitter is also well-known as one of the best social media sites that your clients will most frequently use to discuss your product. Your header photo has to be a little bit larger than your profile image so you also require choosing it at the maximum resolution.

Also, your Twitter profile image is your main recognition that will be seen to everyone. It will be seen on your main page, on the Twitter stream of your fans whenever you Tweet so create it something eye-catching. Just like your cover picture on other social networks, your Twitter header picture is your branding possibility. Use your header image to arrange your look and feel, marketing and advertising message and business tagline.

Image guideline:

Header image 1500×500 pixels

Profile image 400×400 pixels

Picture in stream 880 x440

JPG, GIF, or PNG file is suggested

Can twitter update up to 4 images at one time


LinkedIn is well-known as the biggest professional network. Where other social networks may be excellent drivers of traffic and clients, but LinkedIn is an excellent place for Business to business as well as recruiters to connect with marketplace leaders. Particularly for this professional social networking system, you should make sure that all your pictures are included with text to add more contexts.

Image guideline:

Company cover photo dimension: 1500 x 500Pixels

Profile Photo dimension: 500 x 500 Pixels

LinkedIn company logo dimension: 400 x 400 square

Shared post picture has panorama layout

It supports JPG, GIF or PNG files only


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