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Three Attractions Opening in Dubai in 2016 Travels

Dubai is already home to numerous attractions that draw thousands of tourists to the city from across the globe each year, but there are always new attractions being developed and opened year-after-year. With some of the most impressive structures, largest malls, and luxurious hotels in the world, it’s hard to think that anything could out-do the proud BurjKhalifa – the tallest building in the world....

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Four Thrilling Attractions in the UAE Travels

Dubai is known for being one of the most luxurious cities in the world, with a number of jaw-dropping high-rise buildings, deluxe shopping malls, roads ruled by sports cars, and – surprisingly – some of the most daring and thrilling experiences, sports and activities adrenaline junkies could only dream of! If you’re looking for the adventure of a life time, you’re in luck: motiongate™ DUBAI...

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