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The primary driver of the modern development is power, and it is of course above all debates. There is probably no sector left where power is not used these days. However, the internal complexities of this field are not much known to laymen, and one of such point is cable termination and joint. There are many avenues where high voltage power is necessary. It is obvious that when the high voltage power is required, the cable used for the transmission is also of high quality and when it comes to join or terminate this cable, it is not that easy. Thanks to the modern technique of heat and cold shrinkage and availability of kits that can help to have power cable termination.

The heat shrink technique:

As the name suggests, one can understand that it is provided it, and the tube covering the cable gets shrink with the application of heat. It creates insulation around the joint that can protect the joint from external factors such as water, snow, heat and chemicals. These are not ordinary cables where the technique needs to be used. They are high voltage power cables where the power with 11kv to 33kv transmits and a small error can doubtlessly cause a disaster. Hence, the technique is no doubt sound but recommended to be used by the professionals only. It is used for repairs as well as maintenance.



The heat shrink helps the cable to have additional insulation that can prevent the cable from getting bend and break. It also helps the cable to relieve from stressing and hence overall offers great safety to the user. This technique of heat shrinkable cable termination is ideal for the industries such as oil, petroleum, gas and heavy power. The technique with cable termination kit ensures great safety during routine repair and maintenance also. To have perfect joint or termination with such high power cable holds greater importance but with the help of this technique and kit, it can be done with great ease as well as surety.

Some important factors:

There are a few important factors one must consider while going for heat shrinkable cable termination. The foremost important point is the quality of the devices. Before going for a particular device, one must ensure the quality of the same if it matches the industry standards as well as if it offers the required certification by concerned authorities. One must check the size of the shrink tubing that can offer the insulation and it must be able to last longer as per the expectation of the quality. The length, as well as sleeve diameter, must be checked before applying it. One must check the ratio also which can be either 6:1 or 2:1. It describes the capacity of the tube after getting it shrink once the heat is applied. Because of the perfect ratios, there is no area left for other things to slide in and offers accurate safety to the joint. The perfect ratio can offer perfect joint.

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