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The earliest foray into the world of Science was the discovery of fire. Subsequently man realized that fire is to be harnessed in various forms for it to be useful, instead of just fearing it. And as time passed, men grew intellectually and metamorphosed into a civilized being. With his understanding of the natural world and resources, men became replete with the society. But, people from the renaissance period had sown the seeds of modern science. The contributions made by Aristotle, Galileo, Newton in the modern Science will be remembered.

A studio shot of an open paperback book over a black background

Man was evolving and so was his brain. Humans wanted to break free from the clutches of epidemics and diseases and were always on a lookout to harness energy forms. With the evolution of Science, it became possible to take preventive measure against many dreadful diseases. Deeper understanding of the living organisms has led to the cure of diseases, once thought incurable. Apart from the medicinal evolution, there have been numerous other achievements that have won accolades. Being a social animal, humans have found numerous ways to stay close to their loved ones. And one of the mediums of communication was the discovery of telephones. Since then, the models and the designs of the telephones have only evolved from wired phones to wireless cellphones. As time passes, the marketing hubs keep on improvising their products.

The rapid rate of evolution of Science has contributed to the development of society in many ways than what one would have imagined even a few decades back. Industrial performance, health care, national security and environmental protection are some of the areas where the role of science has been exemplary. With the subsequent development of science-based industries, they remain closely dependent on continuous inputs of the modern science development produced by researches. Apart from its influence on industrial performance, science has been directly involved in efforts to achieve a number of national goals. The crucial insight that is required for the progress to achieve national goals is contributed by the science and technology.

It is important to implement a course structure in Schools, where students are encouraged to think logically. This would result in children pursuing science in their higher education. These young bright minds will help in the evolution of science and its application further in the industry. The traditional subjects in Science include Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Earth sciences, Atmospheric and Earth Science. CBSE science study material for class 10 is widely used by students who are appearing for exams to step into senior school and choose their subject of choice amongst the sciences that are available. For many, science education seems like simply learning scientific facts by rote. Science education in recent history basically focuses on teaching the science concepts and making the foundation concrete. Lately, science education in schools has been influenced by constructivist philosophy, which includes extensive research programme into student’s analytical thinking. Constructivism emphasizes the active role of the learner and signifies mediating the current learning in their future life.

The Science Education in India is often driven by worries that the children here lag behind their International peers. The academic course needs to be structured so as to overcome this scepticism. In order to be in step with the rapidly evolving field of Science, CBSE science study material for class

10 also need to be in step with the requirement of the present professional world and accordingly have more relevant topics covered.

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