What to Post on Instagram To Get Likes And Followers SMM

Social Media Marketing Channels are the best platform to promote any business. Instagram is among one of those apps. Now instagram is just not limited to photo sharing and video sharing of individuals as businesses are also considering it is as one of the best medium to stay tuned with their existing and potential clients.

As visuals have been the best medium to share the stories through pictures, hence businesses are also getting more into it in order to share stories behind their businesses and brands. And today therefore we are going to share post for all those businesses who want to know what to post on instagram to get likes and followers to boost up their engagement with them.

So below are the some instagram post ideas which will help you to boost up your business over instagram and hence to improve your brand awareness.

Behind the Scene Shots:-

Yes it is one of the ways in order to make people aware that what goes behinds the scenes, which are the persons behind the brand and what it makes to feel to work there. It is proved to be one of the best ways in terms of recruiting. It in fact provides a humanizing touch to your brand.

Products in Use:-

It is also one of the best ways to drive actual traffic and hence to drive actual ROI for your business. Share the photos of your clients and customers who are actually using your products or services in real world. It creates a real impact on mind of your followers and hence to compel them towards your products and services.

Reposting of Posts of Followers and Fans

Yes repost the posts of followers and fans in order to make them feel more familiar and hence create an impression among potential clients that you care about them. Repost the photos and videos you like in which you are tagged in and mention your followers.


Sharing of Quotes related to your niche and also not related to your niche, which generally liked by people along with popular hashtags related to quote.

Posts over Regular interval

Yes posting over regular interval is also one of the most important things to do. It helps to make your followers to keep your into their memory as it is natural that the things which stay in touch with us are more easy to remember.

Posts with Really cool Statistics

It is also one of the best ways to boost up engagement as people love to read and share these types of post. So share the posts related to your niche with statistics in order to convey your message.

Please pour your comments in the section below regarding the post. Hope this help up to a certain bit to businesses on what do post on Instagram.

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