Top 10 Google SEO Ranking Factors in 2016 How To / SEO / SMM

Now days Google SEO is not easy, it’s so difficult day by day because Google is so strict for their updates and all the updates are harmful for your website if you do work without follow Google term and condition. If you want to work safe for Google update then you need to update every day. There are 200 factors are important in Google ranking, no anyone exactly knows which 200 facts are most important, but after some SEO expert opinion on these all the seo factors are so compressive in the case study. As an end result, we now have a little clear idea regarding what’s going on. Out of these 200 signals, I have a list of top 1o factors which you can use in 2016 and beyond to rank your websites in Google.

1. Main Keyword’s in Title:-Title is the main part of your webpage and its play an important role in google rank .The main issue Google considers in SERP signal is the title tag .If you want that your keyword rank in SERP then use your main keyword in the title, it is good and correct within the eyes of search engine ranking.

2. Keyword in main Domain:-If you have your keyword in your main domain then it’s so beneficial for your website rank and also getting a high chance in first position in search engine for reserving keyword. Because if your keyword and main domain both are same then google crawl its easy and finding relevant to the same webpage easily.

3. Domain Name age:- In SEO, Old age domain is the queen because if you have 5 years old domain the your website rank chance is high in comparison in 1 year old domain .Old age domain has a high authority and page authority that is better in term of google but 1 year old domain or new domain do have high authority and page authority .

4. Content Length: – We all know that content is king in SEO .A more lengthier article you have on your website then its ranking chance is high in comparison in the short article. For Example you have a 2000 word article then your website ranking chance is high in comparison of a 500 word article.

5. Keyword in H1 and H2 Tag:-This is true; if you are using keyword in header H1 and H2 then your chance for obtaining rank high in SERP is increasing.

6. Keyword Density: – In term of Google you can use 1 to 2 % keyword density in your article. If you use keyword density 1 to 2 % in your article then chance is so higher for getting your desire rank in SERP so doesn’t forget check keyword density in your article.

7. Website Loading Speed and Mobile friendly :- If your website loading speed is so slow and not use mobile friendly version then it is so harmful for your website .Make sure your website speed is fast and make it mobile friendly, so that everyone access it on every device.

8. Site map in your website:-Site map is one of the most useful SEO factors for ranking in search engine because google crawler mostly like to go through site map on your website and fine more relevant page to index in their database.

9. Penguin, Panda Safe & Relevant Backlinks: – Penguin is one of the most effective algorithms Google introduce to take up spammy backlinks, and now you have to be very careful while making backlinks, because it can go harmful against you. Therefore, always create a penguin safe and relevant backlinks. Irrelevant backlinks are also considered as negative backlinks.

10. Avoid Duplicate content:-If you have 100% unique content in your website and your entire website inner page then you are boss in Search engine. The search engine doesn’t excuse duplicate content and you can definitely get higher rank in search engine.

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