Top 3 SEO Tips to Boost YouTube Ranking in Search Engine SEO / SMM

If you have a video channel on YouTube and you want to optimize your YouTube video or channel for getting a high rank in search engine . YouTube video ranking is not easy task ,it’s so difficult because it’s not content or image that cab beneficial from SEO .But also video and allowing for how visually-oriented today’s audience are, optimizing your YouTube videos for search engines is more essential now than it ever was before. If you want to optimize your video and get high rank in search engine then here is the best tip for you. Because using these tips you can get better rank for your YouTube video in SERP.

Here are the Lists of top 3 SEO Tips to boost you YouTube Ranking:-

1. USE KEYWORD in YOUR VIDEO TAG: –You also know the importance of keyword in SEO for getting better result in the SERP. If you use the keyword in your YouTube video tag which is related to your video that is so beneficial for your video ranks because these will help Google find them and list them in search engine and also help for showing relevant result in search engine. This method will help your video rank with Google and YouTube.

2. USING LONG AND SPECIFIC DESCRIPTION: –If you are not writing descriptive and informative video description that is not good for your video ranking. The second most powerful method to optimize your video is that write a long and specific video description for your YouTube video with using suitable keyword which is describe your video element. This will support YouTube rank and pull your video for those relevant searches quicker and superior.

3. PROMOTE YOUR YOUTUVE VIDEO ON SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM OR ON YOUR WEBSITE/BLOG :-Only upload your video on YouTube is not just ranking factor. If you want excellent result, then you need to promote your video in top social media networking sites like Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Google plus, LinkedIn etc and increase your video like to subscribe and comment. As well as promote your video on your blog/website like, social bookmarking, blog comment, classified, video sharing sites and many other possible places where you can promote it. This entire thing will help you in finding good YouTube video channel result or video result in the SERP. If you follow all the tips, and your video will have much better visibility.


  1. Good information dear. Youtube ranking is very useful because now a day visitors from youtube is increasing. Good job.

  2. It’s really very great info about YouTube ranking and got How to my YouTube videos get ranking in Google. Keep it up!

  3. Great Article..It was very informative..I need more details from your side..include some tips.

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