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As with our previous posts on how to increase blog traffic and what are the top benefits of blogging we have become across to know the importance of blogging in present era. And a number of individuals are choosing it as a full time profession to express their expertise in various fields.  So in order to make blogging culture more popular among all age groups and to make it easier various blogging platforms have launched their apps, android apps to make it even easier to access their blogging accounts. You can easily download these apps from Google Play Stores and enjoy their benefits.

So today I am going to share about that Top 5 Android Apps Every Blogger Should Have in order to stand out in the arena of blogging.


As we all know that WordPress is the most popular blogging platform and every blogger owns their blog on WordPress. With the help of this wordpress app you can easily access your WordPress Blogs and write and publish posts. This app is really reliable and useful during travelling. So just make use of this wordpress app and include it in top 5 android apps you must have.

Other blogging apps which you can also make use for blogging are blogger app, tumblr app as widely accepted and official apps always proves to be trustworthy.

Plagiarism Checker

The most important and prime need of any blog is to have unique and quality content. A post with grammatical errors and duplicate content can create bad impression on readers and search engines as well. So in order to avoid grammatical errors you can make use of Grammarly – one of the best apps to solve the grammatical errors. And in order to check the content originality you can make use of Plagiarism Checker. It also proves to be helpful when you accept guest posts on your blog.

Other apps which you can make use of to check Plagiarism is smallseotool’s plagiarism checker.

Google Analytics

In order to track the traffic on your blog and on your particular posts, Google Analytics app is the best. You can track your blog completely without even going on PC.

Google Drive

Google Drive App is among of the useful best android blogging apps for power bloggers in order to save various types of documents needed in your blogging. And can make use of them when required.


Pocket is among one of the top 5 android apps you must have in order to make your reading experience best. It comes handy as we can save articles to read them for latter when we don’t have time to read them. And latter we can read the previously saved articles when we have sufficient time to read. Pocket saves any sort of article in the minimalist version.

Hope this article on Top 5 Android Apps To Make Blogging Easy will help you all to make your blogging outstanding. Please pour your comments below to let us know about your views on the post.

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