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You might have heard this again and again. It’s cheaper to get your past customers to purchase again than finding new customers for your products and services the business has been offering. Keeping your sales flowing is a major challenge when people are spending less amount of money. Rather than using the resource in order to choose new customers, it can turn out to be more economical revisiting the old leads. Whatever the reason might be for leaving, one thing is for sure customers loss in your business will have a profound effect on your reputation and ultimately your bottom line. Given here are the top 10 strategies you can use to win back your lost and unhappy customers this 2017.

Standing for something: One of the quickest ways to get your customers online is to stand by you and not ignore you. In a study conducted by the corporate board that included 7,000 consumers from across the United States, found that these consumers who said that they had a stronger relationship with their brand 64% of them cited the shared values to be the major reason. If you want your loyal customers to continue to be with you, you need them to come forward and care about them and their requirements. So what do you stand for?


Finding Out Why: Customers don’t walk away without any reason, so get to know the reason why he or she has left your business. Be honest with yourself and find out the actual reason. Have the strength, weakness, opportunities, threats, and analysis why your products and services were no longer perceived by your customers, gaining one of the best values. You need to understand and know what your company’s weakness are especially when in the light of the potential customers. Are you staying with the current both in terms of pricing and level of service? Has your market moved beyond your capacity or stay competitive? How was the relationship with your client? Look hard into the mirror and try to find the answers to all the above-mentioned questions. And if you can never turn out to be objective then have someone placed on that account team on the case. This is not just the very first step of winning back your clients and customers it’s critical enough to ensure that your customers don’t depart.


Make a change: Once you have identified the reason as to why your customers have left, the next step is to get things right. This does not necessarily need to be a major change or overhaul the entire business model for the sake of the customers. It might just mean a clear communication like altering the writing on your website being more specific about the products you have been offering. Your goal here is of doing the best meeting the lost customers and their requirements. What’s more, you will be helping to prevent more and more customers from leaving for more number of reasons.


Use the words that they love to hear: Not all the words are equally created. Certain persuasive words encourage these customers to buy more products and services from you be it free, new and instantly. When customers hear these kind of words and the promises that they make are backed up, will continue to enjoy more of their purchases more than what others would have otherwise done.


Customers enjoy the businesses who know them: Having your employees spending more number of time with their customers may turn out to be folly. The entrepreneurs
know that this is not the case. Studies have shown that everyone views their experiences as a positive one when they don’t feel ignored or pushed. So make sure that you do not land up spending time idly instead have the employees attempted to find out the key customer traits just like a Derek Sivers did with his employees at CD Baby.


Remind them of the benefits your company offers them: Depending on the social media do take a look on social media, building up your brands profile with human interest stories and inserting a couple attention grabbing ads and special offers. Promote your page by looking into the awarding customers of the month and providing them with some special discounts to the long term and the returning customers.


Taking Up the responsibility: It may not really be your fault of losing your customer. But a winning customer service team does know how to take up the responsibility of why the customer left, and get things fixed understanding their problems and checking how to win them back. Providing greater customer service will require intensive care so do make sure that your employees are well trained in the basic customer skills, with the ins and out of your products and how you can pay back for it.


Giving your customers an incentive to come back: If your customers have strayed, do make sure that you give them the reason to come back. Nothing will entice the individuals to come forward and buy from you when it’s a good deal, especially when giving the inactive customers some special discounts. You can have a campaign sent directly to your customers segmenting the right marketing audiences, personalizing a specific message to all the members in the group. Say for example send a promotion via text message or emails that say we miss you and come in this week for 25 % of discount on your order.


To Conclude:

There you have it. The current strategies are the best of your business can have. Your customers already know your brand, know your products and services. Focusing on your time and energy on this group will help you find new and old customers at ease increasing the ROI. So what other strategies would you like to use in order to win back your customers? Do leave your comments below.

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