Top three activities to do in Dubai Travels

Going on holiday is a luxury most of us look forward to at least once a year, as the time off gives us the opportunity to recharge, relax, and have some fun without feeling guilty about it.

Dubai is a popular holiday destination for many, as the city offers numerous attractions, a welcoming and warm climate, and a melting-pot of cultures found nowhere else in the world.

If you are planning your next holiday and are thinking about visiting Dubai, here are three amazing activities that you and your friends or family can take part in while you are there:

Visit Dubai Parks & Resorts

When it comes to theme parks in Dubai,Dubai Parks and Resorts, along with its stunning hotel, leaves you spoilt for choice. Opening later this year in October, Dubai Parks and Resorts consists of motiongate™ DUBAI, Bollywood PARKS™ DUBAI LEGOLAND® DUBAI, LEGOLAND® WATER PARK, and RIVERLAND™ DUBAI. These five unique theme parks offer guests a world of fun, entertainment and thrills.

motiongate™ DUBAI brings together three Hollywood motion picture studios to create a movie-based theme park filled with rides and attractions inspired by popular movies. Similarly, Bollywood PARKS™ DUBAI is packed with rides, shops and activities inspired by the Indian movie scene.
LEGOLAND® DUBAI and LEGOLAND® WATER PARK offers the world-famous LEGO brand entertainment that kids all over the world have come to love. RIVERLAND™ DUBAI is inspired by pedestrian-friendly public spaces across the globe. It combines amusement and attractions with retail and dining experiences – such as London’s Covent Garden, Barcelona’s Las Ramblas and New York’s Times Square.

See the City from the BurjKhalifa

The BurjKhalifa is the world’s tallest building standing at a whopping 829.8 metres and 163 floors high. Its impressive height means that once you are standing on the building’s viewing deck, the views you witness are out of this world. The BurjKhalifa’s observation deck – named At the Top – is located on the 148th floor, and visitors will need to take the world’s fastest elevator to get there. The observation desk in the highest outdoor observation deck in the world and shows off panoramic views of Dubai as far as the eye can see.

Visit the City’s many Souks

Souks are traditional Arabian markets that are a part of Dubai’s trade. Selling a number of items at reasonable and fairly flexible prices, Dubai is home to a number of Souks that include the Gold Souk, Spice Souk, Perfume Souk, Textile Souk, Souk Madinat, and Dubai Mall Souk. Each souk offers shoppers a number of different items – from gold to perfume, clothing to an array of spices – and different experiences depending on which souk they are visiting. At the Spice Souk, for example, shoppers have the chance to indulge in all their favourite spices they cook with, as well as discover an array of new tastes. At the dazzling Gold Souk, shoppers can put their bartering skills to the test if they want to spoil themselves with a glamorous piece of jewellery. Each Souk shows shoppers a different side of Dubai, its culture, and its history.

When planning your trip to Dubai this year, make sure you put the above three activities on your list of things to do and places to see while you’re there – you won’t regret it!

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