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Points To Take Into Consideration

Moving home is one of life’s most stressful and demanding challenges, fraught with potential pitfalls and mayhem. Careful planning is the key to a less daunting and stress-free transition, which is in the whole family’s best interest. This could not be more important when you are moving your beloved family pets, particularly through an external company and especially when the move is international. Should you be planning to move to Scotland or maybe moving to France, using public transport, a man with a van or your own personal vehicle, may not be feasible for your travelling with your pet. There are many relocation experts available to assist with your logistical endeavors. Choosing the right company is paramount, and yet how do you chose ‘The Right One’.Here are some useful tips and hints on what to look for and key considerations to assist you with this challenge. Hire Van Man Kilburn for domestic and commercial removals.

The Internet and search engines will become your first in finding the right house removal company for you. Many furniture removal companies will offer in-house assistance with relocating pets or provide recommended links to external companies. A general rule of thumb would be to select five different companies for a comparison of services offered, experience in the field of animal transportation, testimonials of previous clients and prices. Never take what you read as gospel, utilize the Internet to research what others are saying about your selected companies to get real reviews on them. There may be nothing negative what so ever, but there may be a complaint forum of disgruntled and upset customers wishing to warn others of a particular rogue trader. A modern or ‘good looking’ website is not the only grounds for acceptance of the product being marketed; images of animals in transit cages and transit vehicles will give you a more realistic idea of what your pet will experience. The photographic evidence, the more informed your decision would be.

• Should you need storage W9 for your household contents you may need to consider a company that offers dog kennels, catteries or boarding for your pet. This could be prior to moving day and allowing for arrival and unpacking of your possessions. This can add considerable cost to the overall relocation service, which may influence your timeframe for moving homes.

• A nervous animal may require medication (natural or otherwise) such as mild tranquilizers to ensure your pet is at ease during this potentially unsettling period, this is a perfectly normal course of action as animals cope with stress in very different (and potentially fatal) ways to humans.

• All truly professional service providers will be able to advise you on the necessary documentation, pet passports, vaccinations, possible quarantine and veterinary procedures. Many offer a ‘one-stop-shop’ full spectrum of services. This may be more costly, but will reduce the overall work load of the move and provide one point of contact for all matters pertaining to your pet’s well-being.

• Should your pet be in transit for a considerable time, the dimensions of the moving container need to be large enough to allow for movement, stretching and so that they can stand up. Although adding to the overall cost, this will also add tremendously to your pet’s comfort and welfare.

Ultimately, you want to enlist the services of an organization that will care for your pet and treat them as you would. Allocating planning time to do thorough checks (before making contact with a company) is highly advisable, particularly before contracts and payments are made. Good luck!

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