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Human Body is the most beautiful creation by God as our body performs so many functions without our much awareness.  So we should take care of it precisely in order to avoid any complications related to Health.

Human body is also a complex creation of God that many of the facts about our own body are not known to most of us. So Here I am going to share about the unknown or lesser known facts about the Human Body.

  1. Have you ever seen people with different lens color eyes? So let me tell you about the persons who have different color eyes actually suffer from Heterochromia. Heterochromia is a state which has been rarely seen in humans but it is common in Dogs.
  2. In Every second a Human body produces approximately 25 million new cells, taking into account with all tissues and cells in the body.
  3. Nerve Impulses of human body travel beyond the rate of 400hm/hr.
  4. Seven Miles of Blood Vessels are added on each pound of chubby you put on.
  5. In a short duration of half-an-hour (30 minutes) a human body generates that much amount of heat by the means of which a half-gallon of water can be boiled.
  6. Apart from the 206 bones in human body there are over 600 separate skeletal muscles.
  7. Have you have seen any body part growing after any injury? I think you have not, but the human liver has an outstanding ability to grow its part again if any part of it is detached due to any injury.
  8. The blood in the human body makes a passage of 60000 mile per day.
  9. It is supposed that the eyebrows are there in the human body to keep sweat out of the eyes.
  10. During the lifetime of a person, he or she is able to inhale approximately 45 pounds of dirt and dust.


Please let me know about the post in the comment section below and also can suggest to amazing, unknown, unbelievable interesting facts about human body. Happy to hear from your end friends :)


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