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The World is a place where, there a number of things exist which is beyond our imaginations and which are still unanswerable. Scientists, Researchers are still trying to find out the reasons behind these unsolved mysteries of world, unsolved mysteries of India , and unsolved mysteries of American history.

So here we are going to present such unsolved mysteries of the world  with you :-

 The Voynich Manuscript

The Voyonich Manuscript, a book created with this script in early on 1440s also comes under the world mysteries as the language which was used in the book was never used before than that is still not decoded. The book contains a collection of multi-colored illustrations of strange plant-like living things and outer space figures.

unsolved mysteries of the world

 Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle comes under the category of one of those world unsolved mysteries, which is not solved by scientists yet and is still a bizarre phenomenon. Some believe that it exists and some believe that it doesn’t. But the pilots had notified that various ships and instruments have been lost in the Bermuda Triangle. Another name for it is Devil triangle and is part of the Atlantic Ocean approximately surrounded by Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico.

unsolved mysteries around the world

Twin village

Twin village, a village in the Kodinhi village of Kerla. It is also among the mysteries of india as because of the truth that small rural community has a 2000 residents and among them there are approximately 200 pairs of twins! Scientists have till now to outline the cause at the back of high twinning proportion in this village; at the same time as in the remaining of the country it is noticeably low.

mysteries of india

Jack the Ripper

unsolved mysteries of American History

You all have often heard this name in many of the fictions, movies and dramas and the name appertains to a serial killer in the London in late 1800’s who put to death 11 women and almost of her victim were sluts . He had killed them so brutally that they were away from identification and he is still an anonymous.

Kuldhara – Cursed village


The Kuldhara Village of is one of the biggest unsolved mysteries of India. It is because of the bitter truth that the whole inhabitants of the place disappeared approximately overnight and are still missing.

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