Web-scale IT for every enterprises Technology

Today, every business seems to be a digital business, however, it doesn’t matter which industry it belongs to. Customers always have the higher expectation from services they opting for like its content, speed, reliability, response.
The expectation of consumers arises once they get satisfactory services and hence they expect for more better services. companies like Amazon, Google, , and others had already met the consumer’s satisfaction through their innovative ideas implemented in their services. Thus now consumers look for more better services which would satisfy their expectation. Every business today compete with each other to meet the consumer’s expectation, those business must get inspired by the innovative companies and emulates the ideas to be implemented in their own services provided to consumers.
Here are some patterns to be followed by companies so that they would rapidly respond to customers and deliver the experience as customers wish to be.
In order to respond faster to customer ‘s demand there is a requirement of infrastructure which would response fast, this infrastructure is named as web-scale IT.
Defining Web-Scale IT
Web-scale it is a practice or architecture which is developed by web innovators like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and others.
web scale is defined in different dimensions, one such dimension is the size and that is measured using the number of virtual and physical servers deployed. Another dimension is about complexity that means how sophisticated the technology is and behavior of service interdependencies and the third dimension include the manpower required to support and maintain infrastructure.
Some more dimensions are based on agility and speed where speed describes about time to market and agility defines the ability of fast response to customers when the need for business changes. We can also say web-scale IT as web speed IT and the central component of business as agility. Such principles can be adopted by several companies to perform better in their industry
Web-scale IT can be characterized by:-
1. To create a completely controlled infrastructure, there is the use of commodity hardware and open-source software.
2. Use of web protocols and architectural patterns by interdependent services.
3. Eliminating traditional silos of ops and dev.
4. Adopting a kind of workflow that enables agility and speed.
Systematically proven, web-scale IT has been rapidly growing as the model architecture for cloud services being operated by every huge web companies.The advancement in this field is for the enterprise who owned private cloud.

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