White Collar Automation Technology

Some upcoming technologies like Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine learning are minimizing human efforts and time in performing the various task. These technologies are abroadly used in the sector of medicine, it, manufacturing and several other industries to reduce labor and time.But the impact of these technologies on everyone is a little scary because everyone is in fear of losing the job with upcoming technologies. Hence the replacement of task done by the human with upcoming technologies can be called as White Collar Automation.

Still, employees working globally welcomed and accepted white-collar automation joyfully as it reduces human effort and time to target the task. The employee who used to spend their ample time on monotonous task can spend their time on some other treasurable task which would be more beneficial for the organization.However, it impacts is not over all sector, some fields like financial services, legal services, and healthcare will get most affected, these few sectors will offer less number of white collar jobs

Today some of the tasks like data entry, financial documents or solving customers query are performed by robotics.With the help of advanced technology, tedious, repetitive and time taking jobs are done very accurately which changed the way people use to work in official environment.
White Collar Jobs that are Taken Over by Automation –
following are the white collar jobs that are overridden by computers, robots, and artificial intelligence:-
Financial and Sports reporters: – As the journalist, use to gather information to make an article by interviewing people as per their job.But this is overtaken by machine as it can read and collect information and with the help of software, can create the report.
Online marketers: Today with available software in the marble make it possible to identify the subject and response accordingly, also machine generated emails get more response than human written.
Advantages and Drawback of White Collar Automation
Automation replaces the repetitive task which gets done by humans.This enables humans to focus on the more creative task rather than wasting time over a monotonous job.
When technology takes place the job of the human then human should upgrade their skill and become more creative
As and when a new technology hits the market, it is the job of employees to upgrade their skills to survive in their respective jobs. Due to the reduction in company-sponsored training, it becomes challenging for employees to acquire new skills

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